I can’t believe so many people just giveaway their bikes in front of schools, I just got like 12 

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Can we just talk about this.
I mean, look at that guy in the back with the soap. 

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How metal am I? *sips juice box* well sometimes I make my hair into a Mohawk when I’m in the shower *crushes empty juice box*

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grey’s anatomy : favorite random characters

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Awesome game!! #KingdomHearts #games #gamer #sora #riku

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No matter if we win or we lose, we will stick together

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I was totally born in the wrong age …. Everyone today loves Justin Bieber, shopping at the mall and texting. Me? I love living in a cave, scavenging for food, having to fend off dinosaurs left and right and having no recognizable language or major form of communication. You say Nicki Minaj, I say banging two rocks together. You say One Direction? I scream unintelligible  throaty noises. Reblog if you feel the same…

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